Daily Inspiring Messages

From Monday to the weekend I am going to post some messages not only from the bible but from a message book I have. So keep on the look out!


Day 1: Monday
A Self-Image in the Image of God
God created man-male and female-in his own image. What an awesome reality that is. There I am in the first chapter of the Bible-a woman-distinguished from animals, distinguished from my male counterpart, and literally created in the image of God. Certainly womanhood was no afterthought with God, and it was through the creation of both male and female that God has offered His fullest self-revelation. If somehow in our imagination we are able to recreate all the qualities of perfect man and perfect woman in one being, we have, perhaps, a faint hint of who God really is. And, as we reflect on who God is, we see a picture of the image we carry in ourselves individually. Unfortunately, that image of God often bears virtually no resemblance to our own self-image. The reason for that , according to many Christian counselors, is because many of us suffer from a low self-image. But how can our self-image be low when we contemplate the image of God in which we were created? Personally, I find that my self-image in lowest when I am least reflecting the image of God. Indeed, my self-image has very little to do with the ego-boosting gratification that comes with temporary “uppers” of the “me-generation,” but they are not what builds a healthy self-image. I feel best about my self, not when I read a flattering review of one of my stories or when I am wearing a new outfit, but when I have selflessly reached out to someone in need and given with no thought of reward-or of self. It is only when my self is submerged that God’s image begins to shine forth. Then I have a healthy self-image that truly reflects God’s image.

Today’s reading is in Genesis 1:1-31: I challenge you to not get bored when you read this chapter. When you read it think, “How amazing God was to think all of this up!”


5 comments on “Daily Inspiring Messages

  1. Day 2: Tuesday
    Temptation’s Strategy

    Satan is very clever. Always his strategy is to confuse reality, to make evil seem good. He knows Eve is living in all the splendor of Eden, with all of her needs met. How do you get at someone who is contented with good?
    The serpent has a plan. He approaches the woman with a theological discussion about Go. That is a safe subject; she really like to talk about God. The serpent queries, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?’”The serpent make an overstatement that he allows Eve to correct, but in doing so he makes her aware of a restriction. God is keeping something from her.
    The woman corrects the serpent. “No, God isn’t like that….” Then she makes her own overstatement of what God has said (Genesis 3:3). Yet, instead of declaring that the garden is lavish in its provisions for her need, and that one tree doesn’t make all that much difference, the lets the serpent trick her. He focuses her attention on the one forbidden tree, suggesting that God is keeping something good from Eve. He casts doubt on the character of God. Doubting God makes it easy to “take and eat.”
    Eve’s attention is riveted to the tree-not the garden full of goodness, not God’s gracious fellowship and provision. Just the tree. It looks so good; it pleases the eye; it is desirable (Genesis 3:6). The more she looks, the more appealing it becomes. It’s always that way when Satan gets us to concentrate on the temptation instead of on God.
    I suppose the temptation has been replayed again and again in the history of the human race, and probably in each of our lives. The specifics are different, but the strategy is often the same. How many times has the serpent tempted you to think, “A good God wouldn’t keep me from this, would he?”
    The serpent won his encounter with the woman. She took the fruit and gave some to her husband. It will be a long time before another One will say, “Take and eat,” and this time he will provide his own body and blood as a ransom for their lives.

    Today’s reading is Genesis 3:1-6

  2. Day 3: Wednesday
    His Brother’s Brother

    “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
    No. He was his brother’s brother.
    Zoos have keepers.
    Bees have keepers.
    Prisons have keepers.
    Only families have brothers.

    Today’s reading Genesis 4:1-12

  3. Day 4: Thursday
    Favor in God’s Eye
    Noah lived in the midst of a wicked people. Yet he was an example of one who could live a godly life in an evil world; a life pleasing to God in his everyday environment. “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” (Genesis 6:8) His favor with the Lord was through no merit of his own but through his personal faith in God.
    God could see that Noah’s life was upright. He was “blameless among people of his time.” (Genesis 6:9) God recognized Noah as a perfect man, not perfect in character but in a life revealing a genuineness of faith in God.
    We also read that “Noah walked with God” (Genesis 6:9). In the midst of wickedness, he was able to keep close fellowship with God. It is not the environment but the heart that determines one’s walk with the Lord.
    Noah was not as concerned with pleasing people as he was with pleasing God. “But Noah found favor in the eyes of God.”
    We may question ourselves, “Do I find favor in God’s eye?” Remembering our weaknesses and failures we realize we have no merit by which God can accept us by. But God knows all about us and has provided a way by which we can be accepted by Him. We find grace in God’s sight through our relationship with Jesus Christ. God sees us perfect in Him.
    We may find ourselves in a place not conductive to Christian living, just as Noah did. Even there, God gives us grace to live victoriously. “He gives us more grace.” (James 4:6.) Ponder the words, “Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” In the eyes of the Lord, is my life pleasing to Him today? Do I find favor in His sight?

    Today’s reading Genesis 6:9-22.

  4. Day 5: Friday
    A Place to Stand
    A single lonely bird hovered over a submerged world. Below her were the results of the catastrophic flood. There was nothing to be seen but water. The world below her was desolate and seemingly without a future. Nowhere could she find a place to hold on to, to set down her tiny foot. She found no rest.
    Yet the dove that fluttered around purposelessly was less lonely than she appeared to be. Noah- his name means “he who will bring rest”- had not forgotten her. He waited for her to return. When the bird came, she found an outstretched hand, ready to take her into the safety of the ark. Together they were on their way to a new future. The submerged earth would be habitable again.
    We can be compared with this dove. We feel lonely and forsaken. We flutter around in a world that increasingly offers less to hold on to in every way. We see little hope for humanity. Spiritually and emotionally we find no rest.
    Yet there is Someone who cares about us, who watches closely for each individual: God! Through Him we can find rest in spite of the catastrophes that harass the world. He offers us a place to stand, and hope, even in an apparently lost world. He offers a new beginning to those of us who return to Him.

    Today’s reading Genesis 8:1-12.

  5. Day 6 and 7: Saturday and Sunday.
    Three steps to sin:
    1. Contemplation: to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully.
    2. Rationalization: to ascribe (one’s acts, opinions, etc.) to causes that superficially seem reasonable and valid but that actually are unrelated to the true, possibly unconscious and often less creditable or agreeable causes.
    3. Consent: to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield (often followed by to or an infinitive).
    P.S. Sin always affects others around you. -Ruth Bell Graham.

    Saturday’s reading Genesis 3:1-19
    Sunday’s reading Genesis 6:5

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